8 simple ways to turn your customers No’s to Yes

To every business owner, making sales is paramount.

Sadly, making sales is an area where most business struggle.
You mostly get stuck and do not know how to move your customers from, "I'll get back to you" to actual payment.

You've either been skipping important steps in your sales strategy or you've been doing it all the wrong way.

Take note. In these 8 short steps, I'll show you the personal sales strategy that has helped Futurex Digital generate millions in revenue.

  1. Sighting: This is one of the most important aspects of sales.

How well do you understand your customers?
Do you know who they are?

Where they hang out?

How much they're willing to pay?

Having answers to these will make other steps easier for you.

2. Opening: What is your customer's pain point?

What's their greatest challenge?

3. Building Rapport: It's easier to connect with your customers if you understand their pain points and what exactly they're solving for.

It's about building a relationship with them at this point.

Find a comfortable level you can both interact in.

For example, you find out your customer's GOAT,(Greatest Of All Time) is Messi, and yours is Messi too, you can easily connect on this level.

On the other hand, you can also build rapport by disagreeing with a point of theirs. However, you have to know the line and never overdo it.

The purpose of building rapport is to get to know your customers better and connecting with them.

4. Managing Objection: Even after knowing the challenges your customer is facing and building rapport with them, customers come up with thousands of reasons: how this time is not the best for them, worry about the mode of delivery, and oftentimes, the price.

You must be prepared to tackle every objection they bring up.

Here at Futurex Digital, we have well-tailored answers to any objections our prospects have.

Dig deeper into their reasons for not purchasing immediately.

Create answers to frequently asked questions(FAQ) in your business

5. Closing: Several business owners think closing is the final step to selling but in reality, it isn't.

Selling is a journey. And when you close a customer, you've made them believe in the destination you're getting them/your business to.

At this point, they see what you see and are willing to work with you to make it happen.

6. Collecting: State what it'll cost them to make that particular changes to their business. In other words, payment for the values you'll be adding.

7. Delight: This is one crucial aspect of selling!

Always underpromise, but always over-deliver!

Delight your customers beyond their expectations!

8. Referral: A delighted customer will refer you to friends and family and that alone will enable you to jump over several steps in the sale system.

Sales are not complex -tasking, yes- but not complex.